Business Continuity

Our fully managed, complete end-to-end business continuity solution features enterprise-class protection, instant virtualization, cloud-based replication and recovery, full monitoring and management support, and optional unlimited cloud storage so that companies can maintain business as usual against all odds.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How would your business sustain and profit during an extended period of IT system downtime? Power outages, theft, fire/flood and other threats can potentially shut your business down until restored, and it’s nearly impossible to predict how long that might be…hours, days, weeks or longer. Our solutions allow you to continue business as usual no matter the circumstance, from any remote location via your personal Vault Cloud even if your physical systems and infrastructure are compromised or damaged. 

Security & Data Protection

The threat of cyberattacks and cybercrimes are among the greatest concerns to companies of all sizes and markets as information and networks are prime targets of data integrity breaches, virus and malware attacks, and unauthorized access by those external – and internal – predators looking for ways to compromise your critical business data. The loss of such data can cripple your business, often influencing more devastating scenarios that end in lost customers, records, transactions, and revenues. We protect your critical systems and your data from these sophisticated crimes while helping you to develop effective policies to cover risk management, data integrity, and business continuity.

HIPAA Compliance

Because security and sensitive patient and client data protection is priority, medical and legal organizations turn to us for cost-effective solutions that allow onsite and cloud-based storage and 24/7 access to critical records in a tightly secured environment, eliminating the threat of any potential issues or disasters that could otherwise compromise data integrity…and ultimately, your practice.