Who We Serve

Atlantic Data Team offers complete end-to-end managed services to improve IT productivity and efficiency so that your organization can focus on important operational matters required to maintain relationships, attract new customers, and increase revenues. Our fully integrated IT solutions benefit healthcare, legal, government, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, property management, education, and small/medium size businesses even as a supplement to internal IT staff.

Healthcare & Medical

Because security and sensitive patient data protection is priority, medical practices and providers require cost-effective solutions that allow onsite and cloud-based storage and access to patient records in a tightly secured environment to comply with HIPAA regulations. It is essential to eliminate the threat of any potential threat or disaster that could otherwise compromise data integrity, and ultimately your practice.

Manufacturing & Enterprise

Your business is built on relationships, and so is your data…the lifeline of business. Transactions, customer contacts, customer service inquiries, marketing information systems, and production lines all rely on the ability to continuously access data to conduct daily front-end and back-end operations. Therefore, a secure network is critical, as well as hourly backup of that data so that regardless of outages or downtime, your business can stay up and running 24X7X365 from anywhere in the world. Learn how our solutions help to ensure your data is never lost.

Small & Medium Business (SMBs)

Even small and medium-sized businesses have information that is required to conduct daily operations and safeguard against potential losses due to outages, hardware failure, cyberattacks and human error. Our cost-effective solutions provide SMBs with enterprise-class managed IT services, helping you to gain peace of mind knowing that we’ve got your back…Always.

Hospitality & Property Management

The hospitality and property management industries require total reliability of IT systems to ensure visitor and rental records are never jeopardized, causing potential havoc if total data loss occurs. That’s why this industry turns to us to provide bulletproof solutions that not only protect and backup your data, but provides hourly images of that data so that reservation systems are always accessible both onsite and via the Cloud from anywhere regardless of outages, hardware failures, malicious attacks, or human error.