Business As Usual Versus Business Gone Down

As Central Florida's leading expert on IT practices for medical, legal, hospitality, manufacturing, small and medium businesses, enterprise, and property management industries, Atlantic Data Team provides the IT solutions required to maintain an efficient and secure IT environment. We specialize in delivering fully compliant business continuity and disaster recovery solutions so that you can maintain 'Business As Usual vs Business Gone Down'.

Our “ALWAYS ON” guarantee is founded on four critical components of a healthy, effective and bulletproof managed services offer:

Always Accessible…

Access your critical documents and records
24/7 from anywhere.

Always Secure…

100% HIPAA compliant solution delivers the highest standards of security and sensitive data integrity.

Always Affordable…

Backup and disaster recovery solution provides cloud backup equal to 2X your server (at NO additional cost).

Always ON…

Safeguard against power outages, theft, human error or natural disasters by virtualizing operations.

…so you can continue business as usual.

Why Atlantic Data Team

Customers like you recognize the importance of maintaining PC and server health to increase efficiency and reduce network and computer downtime so that your business stays up and running regardless of power outages, viruses, and other problems that can cripple your operations.

As a world-class provider of IT services, we are ALWAYS here to help you reach your business objectives by offering the best solutions available to ensure your systems maintain the performance expectations of you and your customers.

We even offer a trial run via our FREE Network Audit & IT Performance Assessment (a $500 value) because we are that confident that when we diagnose your network and deliver the results about the health of your IT environment, you will discover the valuable partner we can be – either as your complete IT department, or as an addition to your existing IT staff so that you can make informed business decisions about your existing – and future – IT systems requirements to support your business. 

Know your network’s exposure to risk. Our network audit will check:

  • Old user accounts with weak passwords
  • User access to dangerous websites
  • Accidental sharing of sensitive information over your network
  • Unintended access to private, sensitive files
  • Most recent antivirus and antimalware updates to ALL machines
  • Integrity of password policies
  • Obscure holes in security that may leave you vulnerable to an attack

If you are like most of our customers, you want to:

  • Cut your IT costs and guarantee you’ll never have to pay for expensive network problems due to negligence again
  • Improve the performance and longevity of your PCs and servers when you employ recommended improvements
  • Increase efficiency while virtually eliminating downtime
  • Identify and resolve IT problems before they impact your business
  • Gain peace of mind knowing all network components have been checked and verified

Our Managed Services & Business IT Support Solutions

  • PC Care & Server Care with Remote Monitoring
  • Data Loss Prevention, Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual CIO Services for Small to Medium Business
  • 24/7 Technical & Help Desk Support
  • Security and Virus Protection
  • Network Installation & PC/Server Upgrades
  • Hardware & Software Sales, Installation, & Service
  • Vendor Management