Why We Do What We Do

James Gentry founded Atlantic Data Team in 2008, as a direct result of having seen many of his previous telecom clients being taken advantage of by “break-fix” IT companies:

“Break-fix was the perfect way to take advantage of an unsuspecting client. Why fix a small problem today when it could grow into a more lucrative problem over time?”

“I knew there had to be a better way. We created a flat-rate, unlimited support business model, which meant that if we didn’t fix it right the first time, WE bore the cost to resolve it”.

James Gentry, President

“We also made a conscious decision to be 100% up front with our clients. We wanted them to trust us and to understand what we were doing for them – so we began automated monthly network health reports to hold us accountable”.

“We are extremely proud to still have our customers that started with us nearly 12 years ago”.

“We’ve been blessed, and as we’ve grown, we’ve been able to help some less fortunate but well deserving clients through the years. We are all motivated by seeing that giant smile when tech obstacles get removed and individuals can do what they need to do without worrying”.

11 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Work with Atlantic Data Team Over All Other Managed Service Providers:

  1. Our phones are answered live by an actual human:  No more leaving voicemail for an unresponsive IT tech that may or may not call back.
  2. Stellar response time: We always beat the response times of our Service Level Agreement:  Many of our competitors don’t dare offer an SLA because their response times are so slow.  Our average response time is less than 15 minutes, and if we miss it, we credit you $50.
  3. We fix it right or WE lose money:  Our flat-rate support plan was designed from the start to encourage us to fix problems the first time.  You pay a flat rate each month, and if we have to keep spending time re-fixing a problem, there is no additional charge for you – but it costs us time and money, so we are motivated to get it right.
  4. HIPAA Compliant: All of our employees have successfully completed CHWP (Certificate of HIPAA Workforce Proficiency) training, which is renewed on a yearly basis. We are constantly on the lookout for HIPAA violations that you may not be aware of, which can help you avoid significant fines in case of a HIPAA audit.
  5. $5M Cybersecurity Insurance:  because of our relationship with our Cybersecurity Insurance vendor, they are able to offer generous discounts for comprehensive Cybersecurity Insurance for our clients, up to $5M in Cyber Liability Breach Coverage, and up to $100K in Cyber Crime Coverage.
  6. Security Awareness Training: we provide new clients with an entire year of Security Awareness Training.  While we offer excellent protection from malware, education is the best way to keep employees from making one wrong click that could unleash ransomware.
  7. Easy-Out agreement: Our Cybersecurity Insurance carrier requires us to have agreements in place to define scope of work and responsibilities, but we won’t use that as an excuse to bind you to a long-term agreement.  We want to keep your business because we earn it.  If you are not happy with our services, you may terminate the agreement with 60 days’ notice, no hassle, no termination liability, no penalties.
  8. Deep talent stack: We have combined experience totaling over 52 years in IT, over 24 years in telecom, and over 65 years of combined experience in general business at the executive level.  Why is this important?  We have the ability to understand YOUR business and how what we do impacts you.  Some of our competitors are focused solely on IT and can’t put all the pieces together to make an overall solution work for you.  Some of the most valuable advice we’ve given our clients is outside the realm of IT.
  9. No Geek-Speak:  We will talk to you in plain language, unlike some condescending, arrogant IT techs that seem to enjoy talking over your head.
  10. Loaner Equipment:  we have a stock of machines that we can use as loaners for our clients if a PC needs to come back to the shop.  We will install your business applications on one of our loaners and keep you up and running.
  11. Dark Web Monitoring: because of the enormous increase in stolen credentials being sold and traded online, we provide new clients with a full year of our Dark Web Monitoring service, which alerts us (and you) if any of your (or your employees’) credentials show up for sale or trade online.

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, Atlantic Data Team is here to team up with you and your company for expert support.